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My name is Archana I am from middle class family, my parents are poor, but they wanted me to marry a professional doctor. My education is only graduation; I work as office assistant and earning only an average income. In this position, I found this earning opportunity from home. I joined in data entry and worked hardly, by the by I have completed my post graduation with this additional income. Apart from this, my saving permitted me to invest on the gold ornaments which is helped me to have an engagement with the doctor, soon we are going to marry, my fiancée is also interested in this job, so he would not disturb me working here ! Thank God for finding this job!

I am Robin, studied air condition mechanism. I had money start workshop. Unfortunately, my mother had ill I spent the money what I had. I was unable to do anything. In this scenario, my trade school friend suggested this online earning program. I joined worked hardly, now I have my own work shop, I do only copy pasting job, when I do not do any air condition repair I spend only on this site, I am in plan number one, so I get sufficient income to buy latest tools for my service station because in my free time I work dedicatedly here.

I am Mrs. Isabella, my husband passed away due to cancer. We had one son, who is studying in the college and final graduation. I had no money to send him for PG course. In this position my friend suggested me this online earning privilege for all, I purchased only a computer with the available fund, I joined in the offline data entry work, I go to internet café only for downloading and uploading rest I work in the home for fifteen days. I made sufficient money. Now my son is studying first year post graduation, I am able to pay his entire fee immediately due to this offline job work; I thank the admin for supporting me.  

I am Lakshmi hindu girl, my father paid me money for the professional course to complete B. tech aeronautical engineering in different city.  But, he is only a messenger in the office, he has spent for me beyond his limit, mother is homemaker,  therefore, I don’t want to disturb my parents  At the same time, I required more money; Accidently I met my school friend who is working here she told me to join here. I joined in the data entry job, now I am able to pay the entire college fee with the help of this part time job. My parents are glad about my intelligence for finding substitute way to pay the fees.

I am Rao, retired private company employee, wife is homemaker, we have one daughter, and we planned only for the marriage to her. She never wanted to marry now; she was forcing us to send to Master of Science microbiology. I had no plan for this; however, I found this earning opportunity through an email. I started working for the twitting job, as I have many office and other friends here, I am able to promote the products and service. My income is solid now, my daughter is in the final year M.sc now, I am really happy for finding and joining in this program.

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