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Features Beginner Typist Professional Typist Corporate Typist
Offer Price $ 70 USD 
Offer Price $ 100 USD 
Maximum Assignment Per Month 6000 8000 10000
Amount Per 2 Assignment $ 1 USD $ 2 USD $ 3 USD
Min. Payout Per Month $ 1500 USD $ 3000 USD $ 4500 USD
Max. Payout Per Month $ 3000 USD $ 8000 USD $ 15000 USD
Contract Period 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months



Admit yourself in our Data entry Specialist Team & Obtain Highest Revenue 
The data entry recognized in the world, now high potential for outsourcing the data entry workers all over the world. The cause for this is, the offshore data entry every day projects are received by us, the data entry companies are fixing the data entry operators from Asia and especially India and globally. The data entry is fresh jobs to the world, and they are sent to complete by entering the data in the required page according the needs of the job.
The simplified outsourcing is done from home and the jobs are offered for the home workers all over the world, for sincere home workers. The internet data entries are done at the simplified way for all kinds of data entry companies in the globe. The typed data are now presented in the time ceiling and the job is handy to the international data entry companies, it is just because of the time difference in the globe. The nighttime is morning in the different country; the workers do the job and send before the time in the easy manner.  
We have earned sufficient experience and solid knowledge in offering well-organized and coined online data entry, scanning and fixing, from processing and text conversion. We are supporting our clients to earn, gaining back high-speed advantages through these armies. Our top quality and less cost control data entry solution is available for your online and offline data entry requirements forever.
We have ample of vacancies for skilled and qualified data entry operators, besides this, it is simple job who could read and write English. The energized people take this as their streamline and in the below areas, which is procuring astonishing results.
Press The Key Create The Data Earn Money
Earn Money! Down Load File, Follow The Rule Earn Without Internet
 Route our Online Forms And Submit the Data Forms paper/ Book With Accuracy And Keep The Speed
Anthology- Online data inkling Collecting Work
Internet Data Entry Rock Hard Copy/ Resources Published into MS office
We are looking forward only for cent percent accuracy and pace in the internet data entry work. If you are looking for anyone of the above our services or in case, you are searching for your backup office to complete your data entry job, in such case our completely dedicated team is already prepared to do any kind of struggle in the data entry job and with perfect quality up to cent percent. By hiring our data entry team, enables you to stay without trouble and headache and our service will be saving your precious time in your data entry job. Our less expense service saves also your budget money for the data entry work. We are delighted to accept your call to give our entire satisfactory reply mail for all the twenty-four hours and all the seven days in the week, our well-trained customer support executives would serve you.
Why the data entry job is outsourced what the necessary is? Why the online data entry operators are required?
Well, the world countries like USA, Europe and Gulf, are sending all their works only to India and Indian companies receive them on the present days. The companies are requiring only standard work and up to cent percent, satisfaction of the companies. Nevertheless, the work is offered to the back offices, for the reason that, the back office is only delivering the work in right time, in the best quality of English. Fewer expense for the man power, big advantage in time zone difference from one country to another country, the work environment is clear, and the selective area to work anywhere in the world etc.
There is a prime reason for this development is the computer knowledge is with everyone in the very recent years. There are several thousand of people are prepared to work from their home, in their convenient time. The home workers are very happy to work for the out sourced companies. The reason is they are not moving out from their home, they are working only from their home, by the way they are saving they are saving transportation charges, and they earn only extra income apart from their regular income. The present time, in the online data entry works Inc.  Is opened its door for all kinds of people like you. And especially for a person who is motivated to work and conspicuous the money in his free time and working for highly reputed word companies.  The only requirement to do the job is high quality English. Basically, we obtain the orders from the Gulf and Europe countries companies, since these countries are giving prime importance only to the quality English. First and foremost, we are providing only online typing jobs. In the working that we provided to you, they are with fifty reputed companies, and their posted data flies which is scanned and formatted pages.  Each day there would be changes in the page and there would be new works, new company postings and our administration staffs update them regularly.
Our role is only mediating in between you and universal companies; it is understood as third party. We are procuring bulk files orders from these companies (111rd party) based on finishing the work with the assistance of our team members, which is including you, we have to deliver on the fixed time by these companies. The reason is, each file they are posting on our platform with the ending time for the file to be completed by us (means home workers) The companies are offering the substantial time to finish the work even it is more time to submit by us. At once you subscribe to our company by registering appropriately we are arranging your access to our servers, from where you could start your work after the registration.

  1. I interested to know what online data entry work is?
    Your jobs are very simple, only have to type the date on our platform, it would be from many companies. There are fifty and more companies are added in the list on our server particularly in your membership area. The files are set in random to work for single company separately by our administration staffs. The single file would be combined with the company code number and along with the file number. It is very simple to understand once you are logging inside your page, this is possible only after you are paying our company’s registration charges.

  2. Is there any qualification is expected to do this data entry works?
    Yeah buddy! Of course, the basic need is typing on the computer’s keyboard is needed compulsorily. Apart from this, you need to have the computer awareness to release the web pages and net browsing to earn money regularly.

  3. What is the procedure to do this kind of data entry job on the websites?
    Clear your mind it is very simple to do this job and it is saving your time. You can resume the work in your leisure or free time once you have, you can do the job anytime within the twenty-four hours after you subscribing to our company. Your account will be activated after that, and you could see in your logged page as in the name of “my account section’ in which you could see to do the work for twenty-four hours endlessly with the complete dictations and support contents to start your work.

  4. What is the real formation of this work?
    The formation makes easy to work here, even less than eighteen years could complete this work, the image file known as jpeg files and MS. Office document is to be digitalized by typing on online in the given text box of your page.

  5. How could I do this work & how I present the same work on the internet?
    Once you make your payment and register with us, we would be providing the complete particulars of the job. After that, we would inform you the working method slowly one by one.

  6. How can I get to know that my works are accepted or not accepted?
    It is quite easy to understand, once you work on our system and complete the job, the next job would be uploaded from our side and in your page. We would be correcting your work at once, as we posses several thousand workers in our database, they are working like you. Now you have to confirm your typing work, and confirm that you have typed without error. After this, you are presenting the job, your income of the day would be displayed and it is accounted respectively for honoring your work. However, it is not your entire earning, every week in the month you must see the present position of the eligible work you worked for us and you completed to us, this makes to account your total earning respectively.

  7. What is the high ceiling in the work? How the workload would be to me?
    Hello member, this is only leisure time and free hours work, this can be said as part time work. Nevertheless, if you are very keen to do this job as main income stream, you can do and we are really happy about it. Nevertheless, we have organized three different work plan options. The number one is job for the beginner typist, if you can just type this job suits to you, the second is professional typing work, if have some experience in typing, this job suits to you, in case you can do the bulk works with your wife or friend you can select corporate typist package. Nevertheless, you can finish the task of 333 assignments as according to our plan. For an example, if you are completing two hundred files and the next day, you have did nil works, mean whole things are accounted.

  8. What is the admitted time for me to do one work?
    The fact is, there is no time ceiling to this job. We have even before informed this, companies are very much concerned about the quality and perfection in the finished work. However, here we have no time ceiling for this work. Each day you can do and post three hundred and thirty three assignments through our victory plan. At the same time, you can take as much job as you can do for the day from your end. At the end of the day, we would be auditing all the jobs that you finished through our Q&A (quality assurance) team, only after this your work acknowledged for cash.

  9. What is the stage of mine if I complete only fewer than hundred works every day?
    Earlier we have clearly informed about this issue, you need to finish the minimum work only it is eligible for the payment too. At the same time, you can do the jobs to your maximum capacity in a day.
    (Six thousands as a Starter typist)
    (Eight thousands as an experienced typist) &
    (Ten thousands as a group Pack)

  10. What would be my stage if I work more jobs than company providing to me does?
    We have already allotted the plans to work by all the workers. Therefore, in our automatic system, the server is deleting the additional work made by any worker; the additional work that we need is not accounted for the payment.

  11. How do use your website for working? Once a day or anytime in a day?
    There is no limit to use our website you can use our server any time as you feel, you have absolute freedom to check your My account section liberally, and you can complete the work in unusual time and even in portion you are permitted to present your work already done by you.

  12. I am free now, later I will work can I use my office PC and home PC to work this job? is any problem in modified protocol(IP) address?
    We never feel this is a problem to us, you can work anywhere it makes no difference to us. However, aware that you are not dispensing the given work for you to others, we have sensitive software to trace this in speed, in case many people do the same work. Therefore, we are not worried about this issue.

  13. What is the role of the company once I finish the given work to me?
    The quality assurance staffs are opening all the completed works made by workers like you. The team consists of data entry operating workers, auditing workers to check the works of all the workers. They are the people declaring to us you do the work or someone else only this kind of quality checks enables us to pay you for the worked jobs.

  14. What is the working hours I want to know to work?
    All the twenty-four hours we work beginning from twelve midnight. The regular working days are from Monday to Saturday, the worker supposed to follow his country timing.

  15. How is the quality identified to get money for the worked job?
    The fundamental accuracy for receiving money for the payable work is ninety-two percent. If the quality is less than the ninety-two percent no payment could be made, the completed job with higher than we do not accept eighty percent mistakes for payment.
    Even the odd error like spelling mistake, comma (,) and full stops (.) would be considered for the rejection.

  16. Once the submission is over, but I feel to edit mistakes I did in the file can I represent the same file once more?
    Friend, it is not possible. Once your submission is over for the made work, it is quite difficult to re-launch the very same file, the reason is the file is blocked for the quality assurance.

  17. When shall I receive my money after completing the allotted works by the company?
    We are well aware, about the anxious of the workers, so we pay the payment at once every hour in live time to your account, our payment section never sleeps. Your account is connected with our online live portal, as soon as you do the assignment what we assigned to you, the chief accountant calculates your earned money, and we make payment to you. Every day you can check your earning summary and how your income is growing by your hard work in the My earning Summary tab.
    The payment Calculations: In the first of each month of thirtieth or the thirty- first of the month is the length of the calculation for releasing the salary. In the gap of the month, as well you can begin your job without any issue. You have to present your work with the number of days for that you worked for us in the moth you did your job. For an example, in case you are beginning at ending of the month, seven days left out, now you have to divde the low amount of the assignments to be submitted for that month. This is based on the plan with thirtieth or the thirty-first, the amount you receive multiply with the amount of days left behind will get you the lower job to be completed in that month.
    Payment release: We are sending the salary without failing in between the fifty to tenth of the month to every worker including you. In case, you do not get your payment earlier of the fifteenth of the month, you could feel free to contact us on our page to re-send the payment, that missing payment is made on twenty second of the very same month. We work hard to pay everything in single settlement, but due to several thousand workers, we miss and repay them at the end of the month. We are paying based on the selection of the scheme that you could see in three categories. Of course, you could always alter the monthly payment selection by clicking change payout mode tab. For an example, if you changed the payment mode, after thirtieth, January 2011, new selection of your choice in the payment mode would be effective only from March two thousand eleven only. It takes three months for us to process your data in our database.

  18. Can I take leave for some days when I join and I need leave for immediate reasons?
    We are not worried at all. How many days or hours you are working for us. We are worried only the least account of job you make. However, at present in our immediate payment scheme everyone is getting his or her pay at once after completing the job. Nevertheless, you can take your money to home when you made the least number of work files of required of the month for paying you.

  19. I interested to know the money for my successful work and how much I will get?
    The payout is matter of only your efficient and perfect work that you are producing to us. The lower you produce the work with ninety-two percent accuracy is eligible for payment of any scheme. For each accurate work, you would be receiving five cents of United States and up to one dollar and five cents; you would be getting according to the payout plan.

  20. Do I require paying my income tax for the income I receive from here? If not the company is deducts the tax from my each month income?
    We do not know really, the taxable income of your country, therefore we would never deduct any amount form your efficiently worked money. All you need to consult your government authority if not a chartered accountant in this regard.

  21. I would like to know, when should I get my salary and in what is the duration for receiving salary?
    Every sixty minute that mean one hour, we are updating the payment to every worker. Each day earned income is calculated in your page, this calculation you can see in My account. Every month in between seventh to fifteenth, you could receive the payment hundred percent. The payment is done based on the plan you have already selected while joining the work, of course you can change your selected one to the different one in the My account and in the payment option section.

  22. Can I have a chance to see my corrected report to ensure where I did mistake and why my job is rejected?
    Yeah buddy, of course once you complete the month’s work, you would get the list of files. In addition, what is the error you did in it, however, from this, you can ensure your mistakes and not to repeat again in the next work, Of course now, you can understand that we accept only completed job, and we reject the work if the file has more than two mistakes in the file.

  23. What is the work contract duration?
    The contract is given for twelve months with all the leading companies; you just have to be trust worthy with your efficient and accurate work.

  24. Shall I receive nonstop work every month?
    The maximum percentage up to ninety percent of works we are getting from Europe and Gulf countries. The ten percent of work we are receiving from USA and other countries including Australia. As we informed earlier all these companies are very keen about the quality in the job nothing else, they need the job in time bound delivery basis and with excellent quality. These companies selected us, by proving all their condition including the target fixed by these countries to our company. We are strictly maintaining our quality of our company in the works. Our clients are posting their jobs in our platform because of our familiarity in the industry. In case, if we are not able to satisfy our clients, ( it will never happen) these companies would stop sending works to us, anymore. However, our company would be maintaining the quality and all the requirements of the clients at any cost, we are ready to give any price to keep our same quality and as well our same reputation. Therefore, the every worker has his own responsibility; the worker should have to adopt it. The reason is we are as well interested in the hard worker’s efforts and his sincerity in doing his job with the high quality.
    {1} If a person who works as a data entry operator is not adopting the our rules and regulations and, frequently violating the conditions of the company, or the website he or she would be terminated from the service as well from our database.
    {2} if a distributor is not adopting our terms, and simply violating the condition by dispensing the works to the other people him or she would be dismissed from the service as well as from our database.

  25. I have more friends to obey to my request; can send this work to them? Alternately, get complete the work through them?
    We are absolutely sorry for this, we never allowing anyone to do like this. The work should need to be completed only by the person who is joining for our membership registration and who is signing our contract papers with our company. The main cause is, why we don’t permit is, it is against to our company’s policy. We as well understand the re sending the work to someone is developing to sell the work to next parties and with different kinds of rates, which would be completely misleading to the people, and spoiling absolute reputation of our company. Hence, to remove overall, we have installed the quality software, which would be indicating us easily in case the worker is dispensing his work to anyone else.

  26. How many accounts are permitted to do this work for a single person?
    A single person could get the access up to ten numbers of accounts in his single name. If, the same person needs more accounts than the mentioned number, it is easily possible by getting in touch with our customer care executive in the contact page.

  27. In case I face a problem who is the authentic person, should I contact?
    In the knowledge center we have cleared all the doubts and many answers, still you have an issue, could be solved easily there, you could reach the contact page by typing a question in the answerable presentation to our administration officer. As we receive more than two thousand and plus emails a day.  It is quite difficult for us to send reply in the fixed time and you may get your right answer within the forty-eight hours. However, we now request all the workers to ask only the unique and worthy question.

  28. I would like to know where from the data entry work received? Who is correcting them after finishing the job?
    Understand clearly, global companies make their outsourcing, and the work is uploaded in our protocol. Apart from this, we have our own data entry terminal in London to our connecting servers. The quality control and inspection auditing are contributing their service from the London office. We have completed negotiations in bringing works for the technical writing, software development, and accounting, animation woks and much more in another two months. 

  29. Why the registration fee is collected from me?
    We are struggling a lot in managing the works made by you and bringing works to you from overseas. Our service is altruistic, what we do to you. We pay more and hiring the administration workers, are paying more for the maintenance charges, we are paying all our office staffs more than the other companies to say with us. Therefore, we are now collecting only the money for the server, which is used by the workers, and for the back office charges, customer care unit charges, and for the wire transfer charges for the twelve months that we send money, from this you can understand how much we spend for you, in regarding the admin, and other charges.
    You must notice in your mind, once if you are seeking for the internet, to get the data entry works, you would surely get many results but almost they are sham and false. Every web, giving assurance to get the data entry worm, but once if you join, the companies, you can see only you are provided some products, by marketing companies, and you need to do advertisement word program and the click bank website based promotional program, so you would not get what you seek on the internet regarding the data entry.
    Now, understand very clearly, the companies, which are hiring the data entry workers, never posting the particulars on the internet. Only on the contractual basis, the countries like India, Canada and companies are offering jobs, and the leading companies like ours undertake the jobs and we are satisfying the prime companies in all their tests and finally they are entering in to contract to hire our workers like you we have. These overseas companies are attracted with us because we are providing the high quality work according to the conditions of them. Apart from this, we are delivering their work in stipulated time of these companies. Only our London data entry office is now distributing the work to the workers who are seeking the data entry works. You must aware; we are providing the data entry works just for the very low registration fee. No one suggests anyone to seek the data entry job on the internet and pay the high fees to the companies in thousands of dollars. The ultimate way is only joining with us, and works independently.

  30. My question is, once I pay, do I need to seek the company or get in touch with the companies to get work?
    Not required, once you pay your money to as registration fee, within twenty-four hours time and this is the maximum time to start your work with our company. Your gate page to work is activated within this time duration. Now you have to ensure that you are working for us by clicking the, my account to begin the work with us. We are different company from other companies. Generally, companies are collecting the huge members; only then, the companies are seeking orders to provide the job to the workers. We have sufficient works, to do the works, now all you need to do is to join us at once. You would be able to get the one hundred percent as you view on the demonstration for working with us.

  31. How do I trust your website? Because, I was cheated and swindled by lot of data entry webs?
    This question is questioned by many people due to the ignorance of their knowledge out us. Nevertheless, we are transparent and no hidden things behind us. We declare, out our program. The members after joining here with us understand about our company not before that. Our company is older than ten years. We have satisfied members all over the globe for our business and products and for the exceptional programs.  In case, you clarify in the recent member section, you could see every minute there is member is joining and appearing before your eyes on that page. We have already several thousand members around the globe. From this, a new person like you can understand our service is a true service because we are not hiding anything and transparent for all members who already trusted and paid their registration fee. We are with more confident, and informing all the members we have been awarded for the best homework providers and more than million people are visiting our website and just for the finding job under the homework category.

  32. Nice, I am lucid now and I want to register in your data entry works what’s next?
    Great, believe us, all you need to choose single plan from our three plans listed to you and it is offered by the companies for the data entry works. For, subscribing, we need your name and other particulars to our database. At the end, you have to pay your subscription fee for the plan that you have selected. Understand clearly the money you pay us, is non-refundable deposit.
    Fifty USD 50$- (For Beginner (starter) Typist),
    Seventy USD70$ - (For Professional (experienced) Typist Plan)
    Hundred USD 100$- (For Group Package)
    The activation fee is onetime fee and it is non refundable, it includes every day account security, connection with online companies servers, each day uploading of the work for you, the entire file grounding of monthly securing report. The paid money by you is once for all non-refundable to any additional business program, product, or services accessible in our company and on the server of our company. Once we get your registration fee, the chosen job is access released to your account; you could check this in My account section it commonly takes twenty four hours time, at times it is done in a few hours.
    We request the subscribers to check our e-mail in bulk/junk/spam email box as well after payment is done to us. You must as well understand seldom we have technical problem, in such time, the access permission for you made forty-eight hours, hence we kindly request you to bear the late access to you. This kind of late access to you made because of the national holidays, server fault, and huge actions on the very same day.



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