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Plan Structure 15 Days Job Work 20 Days Job work 25 Days Job Work 30 Days Job Work
Offer Price $ 60 USD 
Offer Price $ 80 USD 
Offer Price $ 100 USD 
Mistakes Allowed 5 5 8 8
Time Duration 15 20 25 30
Minimum Accuracy Required 90% 90% 85% 85%
Amount Per 2 Page $ 1 USD $ 1 USD $ 2 USD $ 3 USD
Min.Payout Amount $ 750 USD $ 1000 USD $ 2500 USD $ 4500 USD
Max.Payout Amount $ 7500 USD $ 10000 USD $ 12500 USD $ 20000 USD
Contract Period 24 Months 24 Months 24 Months 24 Months




The offline generally represents using the PC or any device without internet connection, the data entry is the best blending for all your data entry needs. Today many of the world business prefers only the outsourcing for their offline works (data entry) jobs from different data entry services and agencies. This is best among the bests homework for people who are willing to work at their residence and earn money at their free time. You can be your boss and work decides your working time according to your wish. It is not easy to seek justifiable job to work from home. Therefore, we started our organization to provide job opportunities to educated students, homemakers, retired persons who have the typing knowledge and with pace and interested to earn with their skill. We are connected with different companies and agencies and already collected order for the data entry converting work. The litigate job unlike other companies, to be rick in overnight program. We are providing the amazing data entry work at residence. We have stable system in data entry.  

  1. What is the skill required to do this job?

    Yeah friend, only typing the data with pace and at least thirty to fifty words per minutes, therefore, you can work in speed and make money. The computer knowledge as low as MS-office, windows and with internet awareness is required. Understand internet is required only to download files, which you need to work with. Downloading is made in fifteen minutes.

  2. What way the file is sent? I want to know the kind of work.
    Well, we offer you JPEG image file you have to do conversation this file as MS-word with your typing knowledge.

  3. What is real matter of the file to do work?
    We are aware time is important and priceless for everyone. The companies as well aware this, and they never wishing to wasting your time in making which is not possible to work by you, the job is quite simple. It is with text, however, can type and present the work in pace.

  4. What is the highest accuracy needed for getting money?
    The income of you varies according to the plan we have.

  5. Can I utilize software to do this work?
    No, not permitted to utilize the software for converting image file to MS-word, we can deduct and terminate your account immediately. The reason is if any person utilizes the software, the MS-word codes are not clear and visible and they are blank. Our principle companies as well reject them.

  6. After completing the job in time, what is next step to get income?
    Once you submit the work, in seven to ten days, you would get quality report through e-mail address and salary for the month, it would be passed to your address as checkque, bank transfer, paypal or any other payment based on the selection that you selected while registering to our company. However, you can shift your payment method by logging to my account and just pressing payout option.

  7. What action is taken if I fail on work?
    If you are not working, you would not get further job, further no second chance is offered. You will not get your salary in the future work. However, for a few selected cases, we offer some additional days to workers to finish the work.

  8. In what method the company pays me?
    Our company is sending money to workers in the following methods:-
    Workers from India- Money sent both in fund transfer or via their bank account, or by check payment, or by demand draft or paypal. 
    Workers from Overseas: Money sent both by wire transfer via Money gram or Check. 
    The salaries are made based on the choices while subscribing to our company.

  9. In what time duration for payment is done?
    Whole payments are done after the submitting your work, in next seven days. If you have selected a plan one of the days, for an example on first January two thousand and ten and you submit in fifteenth January two thousand ten, in such case, on or before than twenty second January two thousand and ten you will get your money. However, late is unavoidable due to delayed postal delivery or any national festival holiday. We are sending whole payments by priority only.

  10. Will I get only tax deducted income of my earning?
    No, we would not collect your tax; we are not responsible for any tax you have to pay. It is your own responsibility to check with your government authorities or chartered accountant or tax department in tax payment.

  11. Is there any guidelines provided from the company side?
    Yeah friend, we will provide routine guidelines, instructions with works. We are also providing you the details of creating MS-word, in job we guide required margin, font size, intends, and entire things required by our principle companies, we follow them strictly.

  12. I would like to know the eligible time of the registration fee to work?
    The registration fee is valid for twenty-four months contract time.
    After submitting work, when shall I receive next job?
    Once you submit the job to us, in right time, or even before, according to requirement, in seven days you will receive the next job and payment. The Saturday, Sunday and holiday are not added in the working days of the company.

  13. What is the benefit if I work in fixed time limit?
    In case, you submit the work in five days, or in fifteen days, you have to account the days time as based on the fixed of seven to ten days for auditing and covering. 
    Good decision, we appreciate it, now fill the registration form, choose the right plan you like, make payment. At once, we receive your details; the necessary work will be activated to you in twenty-four hours time. You will get the login entering details to My account section and under the premium works or your job title, now just click offline data entry available page in your portion page. You will be viewing complete guidelines and instructions, video, settings and whole work files that you can download on your equipment or computer. You can as well remit your payment for paying the registration fee by utilizing the credit card, debit card and paypal, net banking.

  14. Once I make payment how I receive my job?
    Once your subscription is received in next twenty-four hour to forty-eight hours, the work will be sent along with the work details to your email ID.

  15. What time I will get my first work income (innovative data)?
    Know it, once we get your application, within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the job will be activated in the my account section. Once you complete the work, you are supposed to email it to our office mail address; it is available in my account section. At the end of this process, your entire data will be checked and you will be sent a report via e-mail, if you finished an acceptable work, you will receive the immediate next work or salary for the worked job.

  16. I wish to know, what is the time limit it takes for downloading files?
    We are aware about your precious time; we have separated your job files in different kinds of set. Each set takes close to two minutes to download. (Of course, it depends on your computer or device quality) Start downloading the first one and in meantime let, other files download gradually.

  17. Can I get the information about the file format needs to be downloaded?
    Whole files would be only JPEG files, in zipped format. On the whole, you need to click the un zip, the files directly saved in your computer. All these JPEG is could be opened simply on my computer by utilizing winzip file.

  18. Is it possible for the company to send work in CD?
    Long back, we have been sending the work only through the CD, but we understood the customers are facing issues, like delay in receiving their work CD, the customers were receiving the CD with many damages. This kind of damages are happened due to the harsh handling in transportation and many errors faced in the CD due to shocks in transporting, apart from this, the files are not opening due to the computer problem of the customers. Hence, we are providing the clear files without error, now you could understand the reason why we stopped sending the job through the CD.

  19. Could I stop my work for a few days? Is it allowed?
    Yes friend, you have liberty for it, but you have to intimate the company before you are starting the next work.

  20. Hi sir, I am not the citizen of US, Canada, India or UK can I still join and work?
    The job opportunity is for the worldwide; you can apply from any country and begin your work from any portion of the world no problem. We say only hearty welcome to all fellow citizens.
    Hi sir, I am from next country worker, I am glad in starting this offline job, but the problem is I do not posses credit card, paypal account to make payment, could I have any substitute payment system to pay my fee?
    Yea friend, you can pay via the western union money transfer, who is prepared and ready to send payment, and it is available close by to your place. (www.westernunion.com) or money gram, (www.moneygram.com) in case these are not working send payment through the bank transfer. If you go through the payment option section >>> you could get more options >>> to pay our registration charges. 

  21. In case, I need to clarify anything, where I am supposing to contact?
    For all kinds of problems in the work, you could get in touch with the contact page, which is ready at your login page. We have posted many answers, questions for your conveniences to work. Kindly check those things; we inform this because we receive more and more  mails close to three thousand e mails a day, it is difficult in replaying at your time, and we may send the reply within forty eight hours, which is the reason, please ask unique and notable question to us. 




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