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We entered into this industry at that time, there was many home jobs providers were doing their service. We thought we could not achieve our target of providing job to the one million home based worker both part time and fulltime. We simply started providing by collecting only the minimum registration fee from the workers for providing data entry works, offline-data entry works, copy pasting works and form-filling jobs. We are surprised to see every subject job filled rapidly after two months. We understood only our prompt paying made people to refer someone to join in our company, further we never advertise in the media like television, FM Radio, and Newspapers, we cut that expenditure and offering the service to the workers for the low registration fee.

After six months we checked the available amount of the homework providers, we understood most of them departed from the industry and we are in the number one to provide the homework for the worldwide workers for both part time and fulltime. We also checked our amount of members working with us, we realized we have crossed several thousands of members in the short period. Our prime companies are leading companies in the world, they are quite happy with our service; we are also number one homework provider now, our motive is only cut down the unemployed percentage of each country, we are proud we are one step ahead than all the homework providers in the world. We are in the success path to achieve many things in this industry, OUR JOURNEY CONTINIOUS >>>>>>>>>>>




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