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Plan Structure Starter Plan Master Plan
Offer Price $ 50 USD
Minimum Copy - Paste Per Month to be done 3000 3000
Maximum Copy - Paste Per Month to be done 15000 20000
Amount Per 100 Copy Paste $ 10 USD $ 15 USD
Minimum Payout Per Month $ 300 USD $ 450 USD
Maximum Payout Per Month $ 1500 USD $ 3000 USD
Contract Period 12 Months 12 Months




The words copy paste informing everyone that is copied and pasted elsewhere. Only this job is offered for the workers all around the world. You have to copy the given thing (the plain text) and paste the one in the informed place.
You will be provided the database materials and there which you have to copy the text matters and it does not suck your time, because you do not have to search the required text matters to paste it. With just one mouse click, you would get several thousand-text contents before your screen as display. Just copy them and paste in the company has required place, which is all.
Know well, the text matter would be one line to ten lines, for even fifty lines. However, it is not the subject at all, now your job is copy the required thing and pastes it in the necessary place of the company base. From this, you can understand clearly the length of the text matters are not the issue at all. We are glad to inform you, you will not feel the job is boring to you, this job is not difficult to you, your time is not wasted in this job, this is not like MLM or any other program, just finding people to sell the product, as there are many programs available on the internet. This is one hundred percent trusted program; you will receive only what you read in our webpage.

  1. What is Copy-Paste Job?
    Copy-paste work as the meaning and it informs all, it is mater of copying something and pasting in a place. You need to copy the text content from the database and the same content should be pasted on the server only this is the work you have to do. Not more than this or less you need to do for making money. Once you read, keep it in your mind that it is only copy paste work. You would not be assigned to do anything as MLM, Network marketing, chain marketing scheme etc. No need to invest your time in hours in finding anything, it is only one hundred percent copying and pasting job and it is called as copy-paste job.

  2. Do I require high efficiency for joining copy paste job?
    No need, you need only to know two things, CTRL+c for copying and CTRL+V for pasting what did you copy from database. Therefore, you need only two things to learn and keep in your mind.

  3. What more or less I required to do in this copy-paste job?
    You will receive queries in the required words, and is called keywords or some paragraphs (which is likely mixer of three to five words) now you required to do is, post these received materials as keywords and paragraphs inside the server data webpage and with just a click, in microsecond, you would get the result. Now you have to do the copying the text matter and you need to paste inside the box allotted to paste the copied on our server. Now all you have to do is opening the database, do the copying, from a page and paste it on the server box, just press the submit button to submit the matter. All the necessary things are offered from our company platform.

  4. Will it take more time to search text from server?
    We indicated earlier about this, it would not take more than a micro second, however, not required to bother as you feel in waiting for a longtime in finding the text.

  5. Where in the server I find copy paste job?
    Know well, server and required job tools, instruction will be offered only for the registered members through their e-mail address.

  6. What total quantity I should do copy paste job each day and in whole month?
    We are not bothered with your every day work. Nevertheless, in a single month minimum you need to do hundred copy past works/ day below beginning and low level of hundred copy paste works/ day below the master plan in the schedule to get your payment. It is just as no work pressure. The reason is, we have made such a small quantity of requirement of the work, each one of the workers is getting payment; they are only spending thirty minutes a day to earn their money.

  7. What largest number of copy past work I can do in a day and in single month?
    In one day you can do highest number of copy paste job, there is no regulations from the company side. However, in one month you can do at the most of six thousands (under the starter plan program) copy paste job, everything it depends on which plan you have made your registration to commit your working with us.
    Starter pack: For each hundred-copy paste, single person will be getting ten 10USD a day. This gives meaning the least earning will be three hundred 300 US dollars, one-hundred copy @10 ten dollars. The Maximum income will be ten 10US dollars.
    The Master pack: for single hundred copy paste you will receive fifteen 15 US dollars a day. This gives meaning, the low income will be four hundred 400US dollars, - hundred copy paste @fifteen US dollars, Maximum income will be twenty thousand 20,000 US dollars.

  8. What rest of the work schemes company has?
    We posses another two different work schemes, one person could select the best one according to his wishes. The schemes are programmed in a way for the part time and for the fulltime job for homemakers, students and common people.
    Registration Fees
    Beginner Plan: forty 40 USA dollars
    Master Plan: Fifty 50USA dollars

  9. How can I understand my work is accepted or not? And how I will get money for the finished job?
    Once you complete copy paste job, you would get one URL for each job. You have to just collect every URL and send to the company in the report sheet that is available in your page.

  10. Is it compulsory to copy paste each queries like entire keywords or texts, which I get from the company?
    Not necessary, it is not compulsory to do it, you would get several hundreds of queries like keywords and paragraphs from the company database and it is completely your wish.

  11. Is there any accuracy needed in the work?
    No accurate job is required, in this job, spell error as well is not considered as a mistake, because your job is only copying and pasting the available text on our platform.

  12. What is the workload for a month in this copy paste job?
    The workload is not at all in this copy paste work, the more work you do in a day you would be paid. However, to make money, each month you have to submit a total of three thousand of copy paste works. (This means 100 hundred works a day) it is not essential that each day you have to work with us. You can complete the work even in five working days also. The reason is this is job does not require any effort to do the job. Simultaneously you will get more jobs after the completion of the work.

  13. What is the real volume or the dimension of the copy paste work?
    It does not matter, if the text contents copy of a single line or forty lines. Nevertheless, what you post is single line or forty-line text matters you will be paid for your work hundred percent.

  14. Can I alter my copy paste work after sometime if I want?
    Yes friend, you can edit/alter, shift the job after signing into the member’s area at anytime you like to alter your work.

  15. When I get to know my work is accepted or not?
    Every copy paste job will be eligible for payment, unless you are not placing the incorrect content in the provided text box in your page.

  16. In what condition my job is rejected?
    If you are placing incorrect text, it is not original with the provided keywords or a query given to you.
    In case, you are posting many times, in duplicate the original of your copy paste work, it will be rejected for the payment.
    If you are ignoring the terms and conditions as well violating the company rule your account is terminated, your name also will be removed from the database of our company. 
    In case, you are placing unwanted things or not relevant to the company or vulgar matter, or injustice, awful, in regarding keyword or query your account is freezes.
    In case, you are not working even low and the minimum requirement quantity of the company fixed job to you and for two consecutive days, your account is banned.

  17. What is the method company is sending monthly payment?
    You will be paid just according to the plan you already selected while registering for the work in my account section. Only these are the methods we are sending money to your bank transfer/alert pay/ money broker/ western union/ City bank Check/ money gram etc.

  18. How do my salary is calculated?
    The payment is made every month between seven to fifteenth for the before moth work. The missing payment is made on twenty second of the every month. As our company has many workers, rarely do we miss some payments and we pay on 22nd of the same month.

  19. Can I know the reason why I have to pay and register?  
    The fee for the registration is for twelve complete contract time. You no need to pay anything beyond the first time fee until the end of the contract. The registration is inclusive of a portion of the admin charges, server error maintenance charge, where you got to work, the charges included of everything said above, apart from this we are going to support you in live for the lifetime of your membership, when you are at our platform for working. The charges as well included for the routine correspondence, in where the very important documents are sent via postal or by courier to your given address for the communication.
    Only to avoid the spam workers in our organization, the registration fee is collected from the workers like you; the registration fee is decided by the admin only for the above purpose. If the company permits to work free, the workers would make the entire job as we get more visitors in a day. However, the registration fee enabling us to have only the dedicated workers, however, we are repaying the registration fee paid by the workers, if they work for three months completely in our company.

  20. The work copy paste seemed to be simple why you pay us more?
    This question is not new to us, it is being asked regularly by all members of the company. We are now explaining how it is possible to us. The internet has got many changes in the marketing, these developments and brining the site in front place had different kinds of changes, your job is pasting one time the copied text, but the same job is generated to more and more numbers in scripts, which is associated to different database of the companies.
    There are ten different advantages are made from single copy paste work, as in marketing of the product or services. The development, promotion of the vendors that is growing their site placement in the front of the search engine, however while you are doing job, in our company you cannot understand or get an idea all the above facts. The reason is all these are behind the screen only. However, from your work the companies get more compensation, because of the reason, which you are pasting on our platform for rising the company product sales or service to broad in marketing and placing the site in front position.
    From the above fact, you can understand why we pay more money to you……………………………..

  21. Everything fine, I am interested in copy paste job, how I can get it to work?
    Wise decision, to start into excellent income earning privileged work, you need to do is first complete the online registration form. Now decide the plan, which you want. After submitting the form, you will get the page completion message, in where you need to pay the activation fee by using the any type of credit card or paypal. In case, you do not possess the credit card or paypal account, you can even now pay through western union channel.
    After receiving your money, we get the message that you have paid money to us. Now within twenty-four hours we do the activation to your job. The working area of your side will be in my account ID and we send it after your payment in the replay mail of your e-mail id, which you sent to us before sometime.  




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