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Plan Structure Executive Plan Professional Plan
Offer Price $ 50 USD
Maximum Ad Posting Per Month 6000 9000
Amount Per 10 Ad Posting $ 3 USD $ 4 USD
Amount Per Click $ 2 USD $ 3 USD
Amount Per Sale $ 5 USD $ 7 USD
Minimum Payout Per Month $ 900 USD $ 1200 USD
Maximum Payout Per Month $ 1800 USD $ 3600 USD




The advertisement is posted on the web. Therefore, it is called ad posting in short. The name of the job identifies easily to anyone it is hundred percent advertisement posting, but on the web job here. The most interesting part is, as our ad posting work is very, very simple than the rest of the ad posting jobs on the internet, we only offer one hundred percent lawful ad posting works and bringing an earning privilege is maximum and flexible hours in working environment is very much hassle free.
As on the day, there are many of internet marketing companies like adsense, adbrite, azogle, yahoo etc. They are offering earning privileges to you when somebody clicks the ads or buying the company’s product or services. The business promotion or services whichever advertised on the online. 
However, now we have entirely different program and you have a chance to make income in three kinds. We offer you clearly three ways of income earning privileges.
Get money for every ad you post- It makes no difference the ad is clicked or not.
Get money for each ad you are posting on the clicks of someone-This is additional revenue apart from the each click, you get for the posted ads.
Earn income for every purchase created from your posted advertisement-This is extra income for you.
We are an open and not hiding any of our terms, conditions in this program. You will be paid for your sincere attempt on job; you have to keep in mind. You are not supposed to post the very same ad repeatedly in sub domain and in the same company or not more than one website. You can create one e-mail ID for single month’s job. You are supposed to registered web only. You are not supposed to use any website without registration. On the present day, we are connected with more than several thousands of websites and companies and promoting their advertisement programs to boost their business.
Before some time, you read on FAQ, now keep in mind, we would never request anyone one to join adwords or any other paid sales promotion websites for starting. You do not have any expenditure of any money after onetime registration to our web. You can start to work immediately.
The name is confirming ad posting work is very, very simple where all you need to paste the advertisement on different kinds of classifieds websites, promotional blogs and forums.

  1. What are the fundamental requirements to start this ad posting job?  
    To start you need to posses the easy and little knowledge of internet surfing, you have to have the internet connection, a computer or device or you could select to work from the internet cafes. This work is available globally to all age groups of people.

  2. I am interested to know where from I would get ad text and list of the classified web, blog and forum?
    After paying and getting your registration details with our company, your account are connected with us. You could log to my account section, and click ad posting job, under premium job and resume your work immediately. The member area would be posted thousands of ad texts, of different companies. The free classifieds webs, blogs, forums etc. In this area you do not need to find anything, everything what you need would be in the member’s area of our site. Now all you have to resume your work.

  3. Is it compulsory to do ad posting for all the ad texts given in the member area?
    No need, you have an option to select ad text and any free classifieds or the blog or the forum to post the advertisement.

  4. Is there any time ceiling for ad posting and what is every day and one-month workload to get money for the work?
    Try to understand, there is no time ceiling for ad posting, you could work without time limit, as you wish to work. No tension to work as there is any committed work. There is no all days ad posting limit. You could place any amount of advertisements as you wish. We only check the whole month job you did. However, every month you are supposed to do some minimum amount of ad posting in the order to make money. The money is settled after the calculations condition to the plan.
    Plan for the executive: you can post highest of six thousand ads in a month.
    Plan for the professional: you could post nine thousand ads in a month.

  5. How much I get money for placing single ad?
    The plan number one executive plan: Three dollars for placing ten advertisements
    The special plan maximum income earned is three 3cents of US dollars x=six thousands ads= one thousand eight hundred dollars whole money.
    The plan number two professional plan: Four dollars for placing ten advertisements
    The maximum generated income is 4c four cents x Nine thousand advertisements= Three thousand six hundred dollars.

  6. Is the income given only for ad placing or will I get when it is clicked or sales made from my ad?
    Well, clear yourself, the above income, is known as general regular income, in point SEVEN, is only for placement ad in the free classifieds web, forums or in blog. You will get every placed by yourself, no problem a person clicks or any purchase made from that.

  7. Is any income is possible if my ad had click or sale is done from it?
    Yeah friend, you could receive the extra income because you are eligible for it.  It depends, in which plan you are working and doing your job.
    In case, you are in the executive plan you will get two dollars per click and five dollars per purchase your ad makes.
    In case, you are working in professional plan you will get three dollars per click and seven dollars per purchase made from your ad.

  8. I want to know which ad of mine brings sale, and how to know my total income?
    Our admin has a control the live report with your ad, all placed ads, and already unique coding installed for the entire ad. In the member’s area, each day you can see the ad clicked and in which the purchase is done.
    You can also see how many dollars are made per click and the sale. All the things are managed and it is updated each second. You can view your latest income in live time.

  9. When there is no click on my ad and no purchase is made still will I get income?
    Yes friend, of course we never bother this is a problem; you will be able to receive money for every month. If any revenue is generated a part from the regular income, it is extra income to you.

  10. Any common idea you have to inform how much extra revenue I can earn every month?
    We have plenty of workers like you, according to their balance sheet, on average each day income you will receive ten to fifty clicks, that represents around fifty dollars to two hundred dollars to five hundred dollars above money based on the plan. You can estimate overall, four thousand dollars and more income of the extra money in the starting couple of months.
    All together, it depends on how much ad placement you work, in addition, you do more works by clicking and more sales will be done.

  11. Is any accurate is maintained and counted on the ad posting?
    No, No, you will be seeing readily available ads, your job is only copy them and paste them in the allotted space.
    The formality is very simple, all you have to make any fee classified, in that site, you need to check for post-free ad now click it. You could find new page with details. In which you have to post the advertisement text, final job is click post ad. This is easiest as it is. If you are utilizing the software, you could fill all the spaces automatically and you could do the automatic submission as well. You check in www.quickr.com and you can make a trial posting in this site. Each classified site has the similar process for posting free ads.

  12. How many ads I could post on the website in a day?
    In a site, one person can post highest ten ads. The condition is the similar ad should not be reposted again on the one free classified web. As we informed before, you will get thousands of texts for advertisements and same amount of classified webs, forums. Nevertheless, it is much better to place in various webs. There are some websites are with the ceiling in the ad posting to control and end the spam user.

  13. How can I get to know I placed ad or no?
    Your role is, once you place an ad, you have to paste universal resources link (URL) of the ad in our copy server, this way you could inform us about your work for the day. You could find dictation and guidelines for ad placement work, as we have some confidential in our server, you have to inform your work here. Know well, this work is very simple, and you could earn money in fraction of seconds. Once you are registered with us, complete working kid you would be able to have in my account section, you do not have to seek any tool outside out site. 

  14. Is it necessary to pay anything again to place ad?
    We earlier conveyed this matter; we have allotted many free classifieds, blogs, and forums. You do not have to make payment and post ads on the paid web platforms.

  15. I would like to know what time payment is done to me and how?
    The payments are sent to workers every month between seventh and fifteenth. In case, you are not receiving the payment on or before fifteenth, the failed payment is done on twenty second of the month. The payments are made according to the plan you already selected while joining in our organization, you can change and select this again in My account section on your page.

  16. Is any chance of account freezing from administration?
    Your account freezes only if following things take place
    If you are not doing any work for two complete months.
    If you are posting the advertisement in where automatic traffic, automatic surf, auto click are produced in a web.
    In case, you are not posting the advertisement text, accurately in classified, systematically.
    You are not following any rules of the company, and violating the terms and conditions. 

  17. Could I alter the plan to basic to higher if I wish to alter it after sometime?
    Yeah friend, you can shift to the other plan simply. If you, need to go for the better grade you need to pay the different extra money to the company based on the plan condition. In case you need to shift from higher to lower grade, you will not be paid money for shifting to the lower grade plan.

  18. Great, I have understood clearly about earning way, how to join in this beneficial work home job?
    Well, you need to fill by typing and finish the subscribing form for ad placing job. The next process is, presenting the filled form; you can see you are directed from that page to payment page, only here you could make the registration with payment by utilizing the credit card or paypal payment. The global members, who are not having credit card or paypal payment, can still pay the registration fee by utilizing the western union link. For additional details in simple paying option refer to our payment option section >>>
    As soon as we get the registration fee from you, within twenty-four hours advertisement placing work will be activated in My account section under the premium paid works. You can view all the listed classifieds webs, ad texts to post the ad, after posting the advertisement reporting section to the company etc.
    For any additional queries or any problem or support just click the contact us page we are at your service to help you.




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