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Total Freelancer Earning till 1/09/2013 : 49,55,34,121 $ (USD)

Total Freelancer Joining till 1/09/2013 : 49,88,987

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Plan Structure TWEET N Earn
Max. Job Work Per Month 10000
Amount Per Job Work $ 3 USD
Amount Per Follower $ 5 USD
Min. Payout Per Month $ 9000 USD
Max. Payout Per Month $ 30000 USD
Contract Period 12 Months


Everyone in the world aware of Twitter (www.twitter.com) The users of the site increased more than million people for searching, communicating ideals, contacting friends and others etc. Now, the people are utilizing the Twitter as promotional tool to communicate their business, and business related promotions. The small shops to big branded companies are promoting their business. The small, medium, large industries and service sectors are catching the people for their business; just by contacting friends, the business receives new business from Twitter.
Today each person is possessing the twitter account. Just by twitting you could get big money, you can simply pay your house hold requirement bills, as well day to day expense that you meet. We are bringing you the internet simple and most  money revolving homework. All you have to do is to tweet every day. The twitter is connected with millions of people. We offer the job to tweet and earn money by using the twitter account. For each tweet, you will be paid surely. One tweet is takes time only two or three seconds for anyone.
Apart from these things, you can make more money we teach you that.  The tools which we provide, you with the latest software and other online tools, is enabling you to tweet automatically all the twenty four hours even when you sleep, the tools help you to earn. This makes you to understand, your income is nonstop income falls in your account. The needed things are only tweet-five thousands plus followers on your twitter account, you are expected to have twenty-five thousands plus likes on the facebook.
If you have more followers it generates money to you even for the followers we pay you.

  1. I would like to know age ceiling to join? and required qualification?
    There is no age ceiling to join and earn form this highly helpful Tweet and get money work. The elementary knowledge of surfing internet is enough, and this is your job.

  2. What is the process to start this helpful Tweet and earn money work?
    To start this job, first you have to pay registration fee to our company. Once you make your payment, just log in and see my account section. Here, you will receive all the instructions to start the work with required online tools.

  3. What is the amount of tweet I have to do every day?
    There is no limit to you, you can tweet any number and there is no limit to you. The more tweet only brings more income to you.

  4. From where I get text for Tweet, who gives me?
    We would offer with all the texts, which you got to Tweet at www.twitter.com

  5. Tweet in simple way can I utilize software?
    Yes! You can make use of any software.

  6. Can I make use of any tweet websites for twitting?
    Yes! You can use all those websites, however, we would be providing with the lists of the effective automatic tweet websites from our side too.

  7. I want to know how auto tweet websites are functioning? 
    The need is you have to take the membership on these autos Tweet websites. In the starting, all you tweet on these webs, you have to set an auto timer for the tweet. Once you set the timer each day, 6 am in the morning is sufficient. Your tweet will be placed on the twitter page at 6 am automatically without login to the site again.

  8. Is the auto tweet of mine is eligible for pay?
    Yes of course, Tweet from your side is accounted only as unique and the same would be paid.

  9. How to understand how many tweets are I made?
    Just log to your page and verify My account section, you will be registering your twitter username which is enabling to view the whole numbers of tweets you have done.

  10. What remuneration I receive for doing tweet at www.tweeter.com?
    Every tweet from the side of yours will be receiving three dollars. For writing, one tweet will approximately will consume only five second.

  11. What is the maximum income ceiling I will get through this plan?
    Know well, there are no limits on the income, you could make as much as you can make money. You could as well as limit your tweets every day. However, for an example,
    The starting day you have done overall two hundred tweets mean, you will earn six hundred dollars for that day.
    Presently automatic tweets approximately close five websites, which means on tomorrow total tweets would be two hundred x five and total of, one thousand tweets and the income would be three thousand dollars for zero work from your side on the next day.
    The setting in the automatic tweeting close to five webs, which appear on tomorrow, the total tweets will be two hundred x five hundred and total of =1,000 one thousand tweets and your income will be three thousand dollars for the nil works from the side of yours the next day.
    Similarly, the three thousand dollars would be generated for your side without any work, hence, your total earning comes like this:-
    The beginning day tweets from your side = 200 two hundred- income 6000 six thousand dollars
    The next twenty-nine days with the support of the five automatic tweet websites, the total postings will be two hundred 200 x 29 twenty-nine days= 5800 five thousand and eight hundred and the income would be=580 five hundred and eighty dollars.
    Total income would be six thousand US dollars +one thousand seven hundred four US dollars= 1800 One thousand eight hundred US dollars overall.
    Presently if you are working every day and five hundred tweet and daily placing the same in automatic tweet websites, your earning will be multiple incomes. Try to understand there are millions of automatic tweet websites and the total free software is ready to use on the internet once you check in online you will understand this well.  

  12. Can I know, if I find more income If I receive any follower?
    Yes, getting followers are amazing, for each follower to your account you will be receiving five dollars in additional apart from the regular income.

  13. Can I have many accounts in twitter.com?
    Yes of course, however it is good to follow the rules and regulations regarding registering many new accounts.

  14. When will I receive my whole monthly pay?
    Each month between seventh to fifteen you would be getting your salary for the before month you worked. (Between first to thirtieth). In case, if you have not getting it before twentieth of the month, missing payment is done on twenty second of the month.
    Every month between seventh to fifteenth, you will be receiving your pay for the previous month you worked for us. (between 1st to 30th (first to thirtieth). In case, if you have not received your pay before 20th of the month, all the missing payments are mad on twenty- second of the month) we seldom miss some candidates.

  15. In what way I would get my pay?
    You will be receiving your payment based on the plan you have already selected for joining to this work. However, at any moment, you can change and switch over to the other plan and the payment for the same is available in My account section.

  16. Is there any joining fee to do this tweet work?
    Yes, to start you have to pay money and registering fees of fifty-five US dollars. Once we acknowledge your money, twitter work activation is done to you. Just login to the page in My account section. It will more or less take twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours for the complete activating of your account.

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